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Crap. I think my MacBook battery is dead

On December 24th, 2006 by Bob
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KB ID #304301: Battery not recognized after being fully drained

I happened to do exactly what the article says might cause it. I ran my MacBook until it went to sleep, then I left it sleeping without plugging it in for several days (actually a couple of weeks) until I went to use it this morning. The power adapter LED turns green when plugged in and attached which would normally indicate the battery is fully charged. Also the LED indicators on the bottom of the battery don’t light up when pressing the button. Lastly, I get an “X” in the battery icon of my menu bar and a message stating “No battery available” or something like that.

I had installed the latest firmware update, but not sure if that’s the cause.

None of the steps in the KB article fixed my problem. I bought the MacBook back in May, but I bought the Apple Protection Plan as well. I’m going to wait ’til next week after Christmas to call Apple Care. Nothing appears to be wrong with the MacBook itself. It runs perfectly when running off the power plug. Hopefully, I’m covered and all that’s needed is to send me another battery.

Update (2007-01-19): I still haven’t called them. I gotta do that!

Update (2007-02-10): I finally got around to calling Apple Support. Got through to a guy right away. He had me go through the steps in the KB article (resetting the PMU and whatnot) with no change. In the end, he set me up with a case number and told me to visit my nearest Apple support centre, which is FACT Computers here on Broad Street, where they’ll try to determine if its the power adapter or the battery itself (my money’s on the latter). I purchased the Apple Protection Plan at the same time as the MacBook, so the rep said they’ll likely be able to replace either. Best time for me to visit FACT is Saturdays, and considering they close in less than an hour, it’ll have to be next weekend.

Update (2007-02-17): I went by FACT Computers today. The guy there gave my MacBook a quick test with a power adaptor they had on hand, and then put in a work order for a new battery for me. He said hopefully it’ll come in by the middle or end of next week. Hopefully that puts this whole thing to rest. From now on, I think I’m going to set it to use Safe Sleep mode entirely.

Update (2007-03-03): Got a call on Friday that my battery was in. Went by FACT again and picked it up. Works great! Finally it’s all over.

Update (2007-07-04): Meant to mention this earlier. Back in late April, Apple acknowledged the battery problem with MacBooks and released a firmware update to fix it. Software Update should’ve picked it up, too. And that should have now put all this to rest.

Update (2007-07-06): I should also point out that I believe this update fixes the problem on the laptop itself, so that it won’t allow future batteries to be drained beyond recognition. I’m assuming it won’t fix an already dead battery (if I’m wrong, let me know). I would presume that once it’s a dead brick, there’s no going back and you’ll need to get it replaced.