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On The Second Day of Bobtober…

On October 2nd, 2006 by Bob
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Me in Grade 1My mom openly admits this is her favourite picture of me. I imagine her copy is neither torn nor taped together… I wouldn’t read very much into that tear; I did it myself while putting it in my cheap brittle plastic novelty frame that housed all my school portraits. I’m sure you all had one. Maybe you didn’t use it, but you probably had one. It might’ve been in the shape of a school, with each window being a picture frame, or possibly in the shape of a book. Mine was in the shape of a school bus, which is weird, as I never rode on school buses, except on field trips. Oh well…

I’ll admit, tear and tape aside, it is a pretty good picture. I was clearly destined for fame and fortune as a movie star or sports legend with those devilishly good looks. Not sure who the Oilers gear came from. I had a Canadiens sweatshirt, too, that I remember wearing all the time. I’ve never known Mom or Pop to be big hockey nuts, so it must’ve been a grandparent. Thus, it was either my Dad’s Mom, who was a huge sports freak, or my other Grandma, and it was a bargain. Or quite possibly, given the climate in Canada at the time, it was one of the only clothes you could buy.

And, hey, it looks like I’ve moved a little ways out of the forest. The bowl cut is still evident, though (which was the style at the time). One of the few pictures you’ll ever see of me with my mouth even slightly open. Still had my baby teeth. Those’ll be gone by next year.